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High Coast Collection
Indigofera x Miriam Parkman

Miriam Parkman is a handweaver and textile artist based in Stockholm. Indigofera proudly presents a collaboration with Miriam based on a mutual appreciation for the magnificence of nature and the knowledge of the craft.

My purpose with weaving is to create portals of color — spaces where both dreams and fears may evolve and process. Within the warp and weft lies a key to ancient history, as well as future needs.

- Miriam Parkman


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Indigofera Prima Jeans are made to be worn. Our garments are built the best way possible in Europe from premium fabrics milled in Japan, U.S.A. and Europe.

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Fabrics are the foundation of creating our garments. Most of the fabrics we use are designed by us and exclusively made for us in limited quantities at premium fabric mills in Japan, U.S.A. or Europe. Find out more on some of our fabrics by reading the fabric stories.

Shiroyama Selvedge 18oz

3by1 heavy flannel, Japan Selvedge Nihon Menpu