FABRIC STORIES – Gunpowder, Japan selvedge 14 oz

We wanted to have a black fabric that could behave like an indigo fabric in the way it would fade and look after wearing.

If Indigo is Technicolor, the Gunpowder fabric is like black and white photo, full of contrast and life. The rope dye does not penetrate the core of the warp that allows the white to come out in the same way as it does with Indigo dyed fabrics.

Sharing some of the same ingredients as real gunpowder, hence the name and the scent of the fabric.

– Fabric Made in japan.
– Narrow loom, red selvedge denim fabric.
– 100% cotton
– 3by1 twill construction
– Cut and sewn in Portugal
– 14 oz
– Rope-dye

Garments featuring this fabric

  • Indigofera-Floyd-Vest-Front-1144x1430
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    Floyd Vest, Black Gunpowder
  • Indigofera-Jeans-Tote-Bag-Front-1144x1430
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    Indigofera X Rooktown Denim Tote
  • Kirk-Gunpowder-Back-1144x1430
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    Kirk Jeans, Gunpowder
  • Indigofera-Gunpowder-Ranch-Jacket-Front-1144x1430
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    Ranch Jacket, Gunpowder
  • Indigofera-Fargo-Black-Front-1144x1430
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    Fargo Shirt, Black Gunpowder
  • Indigofera-Ray-Gunpowder-Back-1144x1430
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    Ray Jeans, Gunpowder
  • Indigofera-Clint-Gunpowder-Back-1144x1430
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    Clint Jeans, Gunpowder
  • Indigofera-Grant-Jacket-Gunpowder-Front1-1144x1430
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    Grant Jacket – Black Gunpowder