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When we started in 2007 we wanted to make pieces that would last the test of time and get even better with the wear. Pieces that you could wear while enjoying your days with your friends, family, acquaintances, business partners, pets, just by yourself or whoever you like to spend your days with. We appreciate the fine little things of life and want you to be able to do so too.

We concentrate a lot on the smallest of details and are meticulous about quality when we are choosing the fabrics and designing our garments, so that you don’t necessarily have to, if you don’t want to. We want you to be able to have good times through thick and thin and to not worry about your garments giving up on your finest moments.

Simple, honest pieces for everyday living that just work. Inspired by the vast heritage and made to fit for todays standards. Prima garments for good times.

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  • Indigofera-Alamo-Shirt-Ash-Grey-Front-1144x1430
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    Alamo Shirt, Ash Grey
  • Indigofera-Alamo-Shirt-Khaki-Brown-Front1-1144x1430
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    Alamo Shirt, Khaki Brown
  • Indigofera-Alamo-Shirt-Oxblood-Front-1144x1430
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    Alamo Shirt, Oxblood
  • Indigofera-Blake-Wes-Lang-Front-1144x1430
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    Blake T-Shirt, Wes Lang
  • Indigofera-Bryson-Shirt-Alaska-Flannel-Front-1144x1430
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    Bryson Shirt, Alaska Flannel
  • Indigofera-Apron-Canvas-Front-1144x1430
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    Canvas apron
  • Indigofera-Cleveland-Wes-Lang-Back-1144x1430
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    Cleveland Longsleeve T-Shirt, Wes Lang
  • Indigofera-Clint-No-9-Front-1144x1430
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    Clint Jeans no 9 Selvage
  • Indigofera-Clint-Gunpowder-Back-1144x1430
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    Clint Jeans, Gunpowder
  • Clint-STPF-Back-New-1144x1430
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    Clint Jeans, Shrink To Prima Fit
  • Dollar Shirt Front Black
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    Dollard shirt, black
  • Indigofera-Dollard-Shirt-Brown-Check-Front--1144x1430
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    Dollard Shirt, Brown Check