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      One week from now! We are stoked to be part of 2nd Hand Revival. Come and meet us at Runabout Shop, LA.


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      Selvedge Run Fall 2018 is just around the corner. So why not post some team photos of previous seasons.

      We have been showing from Selvedge Run since the first show. Talking about being loyal! Going into this one with 30 pre-booked meetings means that it’s gonna be busy 3 days for us. Can’t wait!


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      Fall 2018 sales meetings starts in 12days. Can’t wait!


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      Copeland Shirt in Indigo / Black worn by Andrew from Franklin & Poe.


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      Last weekend I did my first visit to Belgium. Really the first! Ain’t that crazy? 

      We had store event at Kings and Queens store on Saturday together with Worn over Time. After that I visited 4 different beautiful homes. Well homes, studios and workshops. Thanks Nick, Keith, Aline, Rob, Hans and Maaike for opening doors to your beautiful homes. 

      Did not wanna post pics of privet homes here. But here’s so snapshots I took while visiting Rob’s home that also doubles as Eat Dust HQ.

      Antwerp surprised me in all the best ways. 


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      For past few days we have had a pleasure of having Mark here in Scandinavia. First Sweden and now in Helsinki. Tonight he is hosting an event at a local watering hole called Kafe Moscow. Check out his jewellery etc at :


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      Few pictures of our FW17 Iconic Bad Luck collection. Available now from selected retailers.


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      Denim Bruin 2017 style report.

      Photos by Natalia Tolmatsova.


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      Denim Bruin 2017 day 3. Sunday was our day at Standard and Strange together with Ooe Yofukuten, Red Wing Heritage, High Grade US Standard and Work Horse and Rye.

      Thanks Mark Randal and Standard and Strange for having us as a part of your line up.

      Photos by Natalia Tolmatsova


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