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    • Barbarossa - Shells (Original)

      Check out the new realise from Barbarossa. Great guy in good looking shirt. Ryman Shirt that is.


    • Vidéos : Barbarossa, Session Acoustique #933

      Our buddy Barbarossa playing acoustic or acoustique as they say in France. He sounding great and looking mighty fine in our limited Copeland.


    • photo from Tumblr

      So proud of this! Retailer in Yucca Valley. Boom. Store worth visiting while visiting Mojave Desert. Own and Run by Tara and George. Such good people to work and hangout with.


    • photo from Tumblr

      Few pics of our buddies and our small road trip to Mojave Desert. If you are planning to visit Joshua Tree and you want an airbnb over motel, then check out the house we rented Joshua Tree Village Flat: Hosted by our dear friend Joshua (2nd and 3rd picture). If you are looking for a motel then almost across the street there is our other favourite place to stay, Mojave Sands. Pick either one of these and you won’t be sorry. 

      Been years since I last visited Amboy, so we needed to do that as well. Located just of the Route 66, this place just stops you. So much potential to make it into something funky. 


    • photo from Tumblr

      FW18 season highlight for me personally was 2nd hand revival, Eagle Rock. 2nd Hand Revival is curated by multi talented Mike Hodis and his team. It’s a gathering of well made brands, vintage dealers, vintage collectors, hot rod & motorcycle builders and people interested of those. 

      Life music by great artist (personal favourite performance was by Hirai Da)I, good food, coffee and beer. Just a really nice hangout place for couple days. We many of our US customers there during the 2 days we where there. Thanks for showing up General Quarters, Franklin and Poe, Blue Owl, Standard and Strange and also The Shop Vancouver from Canada.

      This was the 2nd time Mike put this event together. We hope that there will be many more to come and that Mike will still have us there. So much fun!


    • photo from Tumblr

      Planning SS19 and looking back to last sales season. Some more pictures and story of 2nd Hand Revival and our visit to Mojave coming up. 


    • Miehen kaapilla

      Ladies can wear them too.  Here’s Natalia showing how it’s done. Shirt is not from us.


    • Indigofera Brings Vintage California with Their Latest Bryson Shirt

      Nice article on Heddels of our Bryson shirt. Pictures borrowed from

      Chad from makes a good model. Or what do you think? I’m a big fan other A-frame cabin.


    • photo from Tumblr

      One week from now! We are stoked to be part of 2nd Hand Revival. Come and meet us at Runabout Shop, LA.


    • photo from Tumblr

      Selvedge Run Fall 2018 is just around the corner. So why not post some team photos of previous seasons.

      We have been showing from Selvedge Run since the first show. Talking about being loyal! Going into this one with 30 pre-booked meetings means that it’s gonna be busy 3 days for us. Can’t wait!


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