Wes Lang

After an interest with the art of American artist Wes Lang in 2011, Indigofera founder Mats Andersson was invited by Wes Lang to a Summer BBQ trip to Wes’ cabin in Montauk, NYC the next summer. In there the two started to talk about music and art while having beers by the open fire. The result of all this was a limited edition collaboration collection featuring Wes’ art.

Wes Lang is a critically acclaimed artist residing in Los Angeles, California. His work can be found in major collections and museums around the world, including the Museum of Modern Art, NY and The National Gallery in Copenhagen, Denmark. Lang’s work is iconographic, centred around the repetitive use of American tropes including the grim reaper, roses, winged skulls, Native American headdresses, foamy beer mugs, Playboy pin-up girls, and the lyrics of The Grateful Dead.



The Collection Overview

The Wes Lang Collection features the following pieces:

Wes Lang GQ Interview


The Limited Edition Collection is Sold Out