High Coast Collection

High Coast Collection. Indigofera x Miriam Parkman

Miriam Parkman is a handweaver and textile artist based in Stockholm. Indigofera proudly presents a collaboration with Miriam based on a mutual appreciation for the magnificence of nature and the knowledge of the craft.

Two blankets designed from Miriam’s hand-woven tapestries depict the mountains, forests, and unique coastline of the High Coast. Five garments drafted from Miriam’s long term love for the 40s-60s work- and western wear.

A pair of high waist pants available in denim and brown canvas, A Flannel shirt, Wrap-Dress, a Mountain Dazzler wool jacket, along with chain-stiched made in USA patches, and a made in UK bandana. All developed to stand the test of time and wear.

My purpose with weaving is to create portals of color — spaces where both dreams and fears may evolve and process. Within the warp and weft lies a key to ancient history, as well as future needs.

– Miriam Parkman

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