Jäverling Blanket

Jäverling. A blanket together with our friend Rickard Jäverling. Right in time to accompany his new ”Album 4”.

Record label Höga Nord describes his music like this:

Aside the obvious references to nature that comes in mind listening to Jäverlings music, this album is more than a romantic view on the Swedish wilderness.

It flirts, like all quality dub from the seventies and eighties with science fiction and space with broad synthesizer sweeps and delay drenched clouds like imploding and exploding stars somewhere in the outskirts of the Milky way, spreading dust over the Swedish forest.

We are happy to be a part of his album and have this music be a part of our the Indigofera soundtrack.

The blanket motif is created by artist PIKE.
The blanket is made in Norway in 100% lambswool, measuring 150x200cm.

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